Sunday, January 22, 2012


Position: 15*17N 61*22W
Speed: 0 knots
Miles Sailed: 2165
Miles to Go: 0!

WE DID IT!! After 17 days and 6 hours, we're exhausted but really happy to be here.

We are sitting at anchor in Dominica, safe and sound. We arrived at 10:45 pm, and are sitting in the cockpit, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and enjoying NOT moving! :)

Thank you ALL so much for all your prayers, we'll send another update as soon as we can, for now.....we're sleeping!

~ sevensailors


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!!!!! Praise the Lord! So thankful that you made it safely! Angie G.

still waters said...

Everybody gets to sleep all at the same time! It's amazing what can be taken for granted, isn't it!

It has been quite an adventure, these almost-three years since you left Costa Rica. You've earned a good long rest!

Welcome to our side of the pond. Maybe we'll get to run into you all, one day soon. For the meantime, I'm giving thanks for the safe passage, for Yahweh's protection of your precious cargo, and for the special times you have had as a family.

Daniel & Angie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! You guys are awesome! We've been following and praying. Mark was always so excited to see your updates. We would say, you have had the ultimate homeschool experience! We have really enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your fabulous adventures these past couple of years. Thanks so much for sharing! May the Lord continue to bless your family in your travels and all that you do, on land and sea!
Mark & Lisa

Anonymous said...

What a ride or should I say sail! Praising Yahweh for allowing such a wonderful, exciting and educational adventure for the Seven Sailors. We have enjoyed so much your posts and visiting other parts of the World through your eyes. Thanks for allowing us to come along. May you continue to be blessed beyond measure in your future endeavors!
Cheryl & Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Praise Yahweh for safe sailing & finally arriving! So happy to hear you made it without any major issues. Hope to see you when you sail north. The Kirbys

Anonymous said...

Praise Abba!!!!!Your safe arrival brings me so much joy and peace!!! Bask in your standing still.
Love and hugs!!! Nicki