Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8

Position: 15*34N 40*29W
Heading: 280
Speed: 5.5 knots
Miles Sailed: 930
Miles to go: 1196

Hey again! Almost halfway, and seems like the days seem to fill themselves. We thought we would be bored, but there is always something to do, clean, or fix. The girls, Emma, Lily and Zoe, are always busy playing something,

Levi went up the mast a couple days ago, (with a harness, mom) trying to change the bulb in our navigation light. The cover slipped out of his hand, and shattered on the deck. So, we're using our anchor light instead and keeping a sharp watch for other boats. We've only seen 2 in a week.

Good news......we seemed to have the autopilot working again (knock on fiberglass) after a lot of work getting a third motor installed. It's been going for 24 hours now and so far, it's keeping a straight course, and not overheating.

The big event today was catching a Blue Marlin! 80 pounds & 5 1/2' It was a tough fight for Levi, and we all spent almost 3 hours cleaning and grilling it up. We've still got 6 huge steaks in the freezer and we won't be fishing for a while! Rachel turned some of it into a fish chowder for supper tonight with fresh baked french bread. Smells pretty fantastic :)

Still waiting for steady wind, its been up and down around 8-12 knots.......but for sure will be here by tomorrow. No complaints, still making decent time, and thinking we might make landfall next weekend.

Keep us in your prayers!


Jean - We don't have a AIS transponder, only receiver, so we'll keep emailing our position.


John said...

How awesome how things are progressing!! We are soo happy for all of you, and the fish!! Wow, great work Levi!! Woo Hoo....the 1/2 way mark!! We will celebrate here with you! Love, G&G

Anonymous said...

Praise Abba for the autopilot fix. And what provisions for yummy eating!!! Love and hugs Nicki

Anonymous said...

Haveing been thinking about you all day, just picturing the fight with that fish. Very cool. You are all so amaizing. Can't wait to see you on the other side of your great adventure.Love you Nana & G HAPPY HALF WAY....

Anonymous said...

So look forward to your posts. Praising Father for safe travels and fun adventures. So fun to see the world through the eyes of the Hemingways! Happy travels - Cheryl