Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 6

Position: 16*06N 37*00W
Heading 270*
Speed 4.8 knots
Miles sailed: 720
Miles to go: 1396

Hello everyone! Pretty uneventful the past few days, the wind has died down to under 10 knots for the past 24 hours, so sailing has been a bit slow going, so we motored a bit and got the batteries topped off. It looks like it supposed to pick up sometime during the night, so that'll be good.

The new motor in the autopilot we thought we had fixed sounds like it's on the verge of.........doesn't sound good. So, we've taken to hand steering 24 hours a day, not much fun during the night watches, but it keeps us awake :) We have one more motor Levi and I are going to try to make work, but it's taking some 'creative' engineering.

We have been catching fish!! Three in the past two days, all Mahi Mahi and on the grill, they are fantastic! Tomorrow is fish tacos, so we're excited for that!

The girls are starting to get bored and they are getting more creative with playing, now they are designing wallets for their dolls :)

I think that's it for now, looking forward to the halfway party Friday night. On the menu is mac 'n cheese and hamburgers!

See you soon!



Anonymous said...

Too cool, every doll needs a wallet, and a purse too. fresh fish tacos sound great. You are doing AWESOME..do you have a AIS receiver? Mom

John said...

Great job you guys!!!! Keep it up, you're getting closer!!! G&G

Curt Kanouse said...

Keep up the good work....holding your course without autopilot. Enjoying your progress.
Landlocked sailor
Curt Kanouse

Elle Mental said...

We are praying for you all and cheering you on... I hope the future days are full of wonder and smooth sailing. Hugs from us all!

Anonymous said...

Soo glad to hear all is well. Praying praying and then praying some more. And trusting too. Love and hugs Nicki