Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bon Voyage!

After a year of planning, praying, provisioning, & getting outfitted, today we are setting sail for the Caribbean!

We have been watching weather, and putting it off a few days until the conditions seem just right and today is the day! We are expecting it to take 18 days, but would be OK if it took a few less :) We have our boat FULL of fuel, water, jerry cans lining the decks with more fuel and water, and have run out of things on our to do list.

The pantry is full of food, and yesterday, Rachel and Maggie did last minute shopping, and Levi and I did last minute boat projects.

This adventure is beyond anything we originally planned when we bought the boat, but many people have encouraged us that we can make this trip, THANK YOU for all of the support!

So, we’d love to continue to have all of your prayers as we cross and we will be sending updates at least every other day from a satellite phone giving our position, progress, and what 8 people do on a small boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean! We have crafts, games, movies, school :( and each other! 

I think that will be enough.


John said...

Woke up woth you on our hearts this morning.....GOD is our refuge and strength!!!

Cindy Schulze said...

You guys continue to inspire me!!! Love from our family of 8

Unknown said...

Blessings on your adventures!