Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 14

Position: 15*27N 53*44W
Heading: 283*
Speed: 5.7 knots
Miles Sailed: 1709
Miles to go: 454

Hello again! The wind feels like it's finally settled into a groove, now that we're almost there! We've had around 20 knots the last 3 days straight now, sometimes dipping down to 15 knots, so we're making good time, 135 miles a day or so.

Now we're sailing into the rain squalls, nothing too major, but the wind usually picks up to almost 30 knot gusts, sprinkles a bit of rain, and moves on. It's fun to watch them during the day, overtake us and head off into the horizon. At night, it's not so fun as we try to reef the sails in, so we're not fighting them, and then let them back out, to make the best time we can.

Last night on my watch, Emma was staying up with me and a rouge wave splashed into the cockpit and we were both soaked to the bone! So today was drying out cushions, straightening up, and putting it back together. Fun fun!

Everyone else is great, very excited to get there, and if the wind holds, it looks like a late Saturday arrival, if not, Sunday morning. We'll ALL be making a beeline for the showers and some celebration pizza!

Thanks again for all the prayers!

~seven 'soggy' sailors :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are making really good time. Praising Yah for your safe travels. Love u guys!
The Kirbys

Anonymous said...

Just a few more days......keep on keeping on. Good Luck. Cheryl & Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Joining the Kirby's in Praising YAH for your safe travels!! And for the wind. Love and hugs and prayers always. Nicki

elle.mental said...

Thank Yahweh for keeping you safe! May He carry you safely the rest of the way in good time!

Nathalie said...

You are in our thoughts....
and don't forget to write your family book! it will be a great seller!

Anonymous said...

Seven soggy sailors, continuing to pray for favorable winds, safe travels. Blessings and God's continued favor on your voyage of a lifetime!! Mark and Linda Roth

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys are amazing! We heard you were on your way. We will join in prayers for your safe return. Much love, the Keatings