Monday, July 9, 2012

"The Fisherman's Widows Club"

Yes, I have officially joined the group of the many women here in Alaska known as the "Fisherman's Widows  Club" (hypothetical of course!) The fishing season is in FULL swing and the fishing boats and  crews are coming and going.  Our crew has been gone for over a week now but we have been able to talk to the boys a few times.  They are doing great and trying to stay warm!  This has been a tough adjustment for our family for the obvious reason that we have been traveling closely for the past 3 1/2 years together on a boat the size of most peoples garage.  So, although we are missing each other we are all staying busy which helps!

Maggie has been working like crazy at 3 different jobs.  She is loving the independence and is learning a ton! Recently she got her driving permit! It think I was more excited!!  Like she puts it...."Only 2 years late,  but hey,  that's what living and traveling on a boat does!" So guess who does all the driving when it's the 2 of us?

Emma also got a job 2 times a week helping a friend down the street clean house.  She loves it too!  She feels independent and is learning a lot also.  We are focusing on school,  school,  school......but she is not too excited about that! 

The little's,  Emma and I have been involved with the summer library reading program.  There are activities once a week and the kids have been able to make some friends.  Last week we were a part of making 4th of July decorations for the Library, and then the girls got to march with the "Big" parade through town. Miles and I sat, watched, waved and caught candy!  Miles was thrilled!  His new phrase was......"Momma,  open!!

So for now we are enjoying Alaska and trying to keep warm.  

Thanks for reading  - Rachel!