Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, something pretty amazing happened during Maggie and Levi's trip to Israel that at least deserves it's own blog post!

Josh had asked for Rachel and I's permission several month ago for Maggie's hand in marriage. We love Josh and even more importantly, we know how much he loves Maggie. So, we agreed, not knowing exactly how or when they would be able to get married. The trick with international relationships is visas and residency papers have gotten very complicated all over the world. I don't think any nation is easy these days to get permission to live and work in.

But they are committed to each other and to making their relationship work, so when we sent Maggie and Levi to Israel, we were expecting an excited phone call sometime during the trip to hear about the proposal.

It came only 3 nights after they left. Once Maggie and Levi had arrived in Israel, Josh was anxious to propose and he had a great set up planned for Maggie. She love Nicholas Sparks books, and he had hollowed out a section of her favorite book and hid the engagement ring inside. He then had a dinner set up and afterwards, a quiet dessert set up on a roof top overlooking Jerusalem. He had friends get it all set up with candles and once they were on the roof, he gave her the book. She loved it, but didn't realize you had to open it to get the REAL gift! She was ecstatic and though tears, accepted his proposal.

They then joined the friends who had helped set it all up and had a group celebration! Good times!