Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hills are Alive......

A couple of weeks ago, as it was time to renew our visas (again!), we had a great opportunity to visit some friends in Switzerland. The Antolovich family, Bradley, Marianna, and 5 kids invited us to spend a week and stay with them. Before you think it was over-crowded with all those kids, they were blessed with a 25 bedroom hotel/bed and breakfast! So, we all had our own room and there were almost 10 rooms left to spare! Slightly different than living and sailing on Mehari!

The trip took us from Jerusalem by train to the airport, and after getting there, I realized the only shoes I'd brought were flip flops, and it was supposed to be snowing when we got there! So, I was preparing myself to being seriously gouged at the airport where there is a big "duty-free" shopping area, you know, where they tell you how cheap everything is when you know you can pay less almost anywhere else?! .......Well, we ate dinner before boarding, and the first shop I went in had a sale with shoes marked down 60%. That was more like it! So, I managed to pick up some leather 'Timberland' shoes for $60, instead of the $160 sticker price!

Anyway, we were on our way and it was snowing when we arrived. Snow is something we haven't seen for almost 3 years! It was dark as we drove in so we didn't get to see the scenery until the next day, and we slept late the next morning. Where we live in Jerusalem is next to an Arab neighborhood, and 2 busy intersections, so it is noisy all day and night. Israelis LOVE their cars' horns and it's just a chaotic noise fest all hours. Well, we snuggled in warm beds in the quiet calm of the Alps and were dead to the world for 12 hours! We caught up on some serious sleep and must have needed it!

It really was a perfect week to go, because as the week went, it slowly got warmer and the snow melted. So, we were able to see the countryside with snow, and without snow, all the while the leaves were changing to every color imaginable. The photos and words can't even come close to doing it justice. The house is in a valley, surrounded by huge craggy mountains and there are heaps of walking trails literally right from the front door. I spent a long time "taking the dog for a walk" but really loved wandering and praying in that setting. Incredibly peaceful.

The kids all made good friends with their kids and spent every minute the Antolovich's weren't  in school playing games, ping-pong, trampoline, & music. Very neat family and we were blessed to hear their heart for Israel and vision for the special house they get to live in. Thanks Antolovich's for a fun week! Of course, Switzerland is incomplete with cheese fondue, chocolate, and roclette (another cheese dinner) and we ate more than our share!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's an update from Mr. Hummus!!

Miles is doing good, and obviously eating well!

~ Hems

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