The whole goal of this trip was to grow closer together as a family. We know the years pass so quickly and our time with them will eventually come to an end. We are very blessed with some amazing kids and that was the reason we wanted to take this journey. We wanted to experience travelling and seeing the world through their eyes. We realize that this trip is a very special gift!


I'm Maggie and I'm  19 and the eldest of the kids in this crazy family!

My life has been changed through our travels......I met my *now husband! :) We met while we were in Israel in 2010, waiting for my new brother to be born. Joshua Blackham is from England and his family was living in Israel as journalists, we met, had a super hard long-distance relationship and last year he came to the US, and we got married!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the blog.....and hearing about our travels. You'll think it's the greatest thing ever (I've heard many times) or you'll agree with me that we're totally insane ;) I've mostly done some blogging about food. Either from other countries or what I make myself with an occasional picture now and then :)

My name is Levi i am 18 years old and I love life! I used to be the only boy in the family (except dad) until my little brother came, and I am glad for reinforcements. :P

I play the violin, mandolin, bongo, ukulele, and have learned to play the guitar on the boat! I loved living on the boat, but nothing lasts forever. 

I loved the different cultures and countries that we traveled to and can't wait to see more, in the meantime, enjoying each day.

Things I love:  DR Pepper, the dinghy, music, skating, food, sports, day-to-day life!

Hi! I'm Emma and I liked living on a sailboat. I really liked seeing all the new places and meeting new friends.

I am 13 years old, and I am in 8th grade. My not-so favorite subjects are: math, and history, but I love reading! The coolest thing about travelling is seeing the places I study instead of just pictures in a book. I also like geography and I am learning how to study maps. Maps on the boat are called 'charts' NOT maps!

We found this cool 'E' in Puerto Rica
I also like horses and I can't wait until I live in a house again and have my own horse.

For right now, I like taking care of my new little brother, Miles, and cooking with my mom. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and like to cook for the whole family.

My favorite all time thing though, is playing games. I never say no to a game, ever, EVER!

My favorite color is orange, and my nickname is: Memsers


lily getting ready for a party!

Lily is the princess, no question, and I don't think any family with 4 girls is complete without at least one princess.

Lily just turned 9 years old and she informed us not long ago that when she grows up she is either going to be 1: a real princess in a castle (which we are welcome to come live in) or 2: a florist, so she can play with flowers all day. I can easily see her doing both!

She is very giving and as soon as she finds or gets 1 Sheckel, Euro, Pound, or Dinhar, she is thinking of who to spend it on and what to buy, but never for herself. She is very sensitive to everything around her and she is just soaking in everything she sees.

She is starting 1st grade now and as is the price for being a butterfly, she is hard to keep on track. She starts her math flashcards, and before long is coloring pictures for each person in the family, complete with the outfit they are wearing that day. She loves to watch movies, and before they're finished, she's deciding how to make the costumes for her and Zoe so they can re-enact it.

She's amazing and we love her!

Her name started in this world as Sarah, and still is on official documents (which we have to remind her when we go through ports of entry and customs offices) but to us, she's Zoe. Through and through. She is an amazing part of our family, and her name, which means full of life, is exactly what she is.

She loves being with her family, and  at 7 years old she needs her sugar intake closely monitored, because any overload is quickly seen and sometimes felt. 

She is constantly making us laugh about something and her perspective of the world around her is certainly unique, she is a joy to have around. Her attention span corresponds to her age in seconds (4sec.) and her volume is usually at level 10. We love her and can't imagine our family without her!


So far, Miles job is pretty easy.....sit there and look cute. Although it sounds easy, not every baby can pull it off with the coolness that Miles does. He is a mellow guy, and is growing and changing daily. NOW is when you want the pause button for life and I wish every day could last a week.

Munching on ice from a lake in Canada
His major accomplishments so far are: being born abroad, sailing across an ocean, and travelling to almost 25 countries, not bad for someone who recently potty trained!

We are excited and very blessed that we have this special time with him and we all get to watch him grow.


Anonymous said...

We met today in a little market in lanzarote, I just wanted to congratulate all of you for your beautiful family and the amazing experience you are enjoying together! I hope you also enjoyed my little piece of paradise in the middle of the atlantic!

Unknown said...

I just looked over your blog - I have down time as I'm sick. I loved reading the kids Bio's. What darlings each of them are. I remember Maggie & Levi so little, the years have flown! Dearest Eric & Rachael: superb parenting and adventures that will forever have a course of their own in the hearts and minds and accomplishments of your dear childrens lives & their children one day. I love you both and treasure our relationship from days in Drama together at CCOP. Actually, I'll never forget those times. Beyond wonderful...Praying for you all in WA!

KenzieB said...

WOW! I had no idea what you guys were up to. :) What a great adventure! God is so good. I will keep reading your travels! (From an old CCOP friend) -Kenzie Bellomy(and Neil)