Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back on the road!

We finished the fishing season, got the boat cleaned, and are back on our way through Canada and to the 'lower 48' Last night the low was 25 degrees, so, needless to say were not exactly camping.....We decided to drive through the night and cover some ground.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fishing update.....

Finally, we're back in town long enough to get some photos posted.

a LOT of driftwood!
Here's a few pictures from where Levi and I have been fishing. Places with names like: Kamashak Flats, Rocky Bay, Port Graham, Windy Bay, and Chinook River. Really out of the way places, FAR from any towns, remote and beautiful. 

Sorry we don't have any pictures of the fish....yet, we have been catching them, it's usually just too chaotic when we're bringing them in to pull out a camera. But, I promise we will post some evidence soon that we're not just out there sightseeing :)

Thanks for checking in with us!

one of the boats we're fishing with
fishing alongside the locals :)
Bald Eagle

Bears fishing
Ready n rain gear
miles and miles of wilderness

Friday, August 10, 2012

Staying busy in Alaska

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post.  We are all keeping busy here in Homer.....and trying to fit in!

The boys are out fishing most of the time but we have been able to seen them on the occasion when they are coming and going to a new area or if something breaks that needs replacing.  They are doing great and learning loads.  Erik and Levi have the jobs of "line stackers" (guiding and stacking the nets as they come in and go out),  which is a physical job.  The net is about 3/4 of a mile long and would fill up a  12 x 12 living room 4 ft. high.  All of the "crew" are taking turns cooking so I am expecting "new" recipies and volunteer kitchen help in MY kitchen when the season is over:)   

Maggie is still busy with her jobs and feeling independant.  She has also found some great friends who she works with.  All the girls got together and celebrated her 18th birthday!  Something about...cupcakes,  concert on the lawn,  and'll have to ask her what that was all about!  Thanks Maggie,  Sierra and Katie! (I hope I didn't forget anyone)

The other kiddos and I  have been busy with activities from the library and school.  We have meet some great people and are having fun with "local" activities!  Recently Emma won a drawing and recieved FREE movies tickets and Zoe also won a drawing for FREE ice cream!  Sounds like a movie/ice cream afternoon for the all of us!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missing Mehari:(

Notice the toilet-paper-roll bumpers:)

A few days ago the kids turned a large box into a boat!  It was fun to watch them get excited over details as we added things like bumpers,  a mast,  an anchor,  and of course navagation instruments!  We have a wind guage,  GPS and an auto pilot! 

At bedtime both girls had made a bed inside the boat and begged to sleep in it.   First it was Lily's turn to sleep in the boat and tonight it is Zoe's turn!  They both wanted to sleep in it and I found myself saying..."you two will not fit..." Lily then replied...."yes we will,  we'll just snuggle close!"  I had to smile because many times along our journey we heard that very same thing from other boaters......."8 people on THAT boat,  how do you all fit?"    We would just smile and say..."we are a very close family!"   

Complete with  steering wheel and nav. instruments!
So my advise for you if you want to have a close family the radical a small boat and travel with your kids.  With GOD'S GRACE it worked for us.  I guess in the end you'll either be close or "jump ship"! And as crazy as it was A LOT of the time....we are all missing it!

Canning Salmon

I have officially turned into an "Alaskan Mountain Women"  this week!  I have been learning to can.  And although I have been a gardener in the past I have never learned the art of canning.  so...Linda has been teaching me and since it is fishing season.....we are canning Salmon.  Pink and Red Salmon more specifically.  

The process takes about 3 hours from start to finish.  Starting with sanitizing the jars,  then cutting up the fish,  cleaning them and fitting them into the jars.  From there we add vinegar and salt and then wipe and seal them.  Then they are ready to go into the pressure cooker and must maintain 10 lbs of pressure for 1 1/2 hours. 

After they are done and cooled down,  all the jars must be cleaned again before being stored! We canned for a few days and in total I believe we ended up canning about 50+ fish.  (Linda did most of the work!) But I was grateful to be a part of it and to just learn! 

Thanks Linda:)