Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missing Mehari:(

Notice the toilet-paper-roll bumpers:)

A few days ago the kids turned a large box into a boat!  It was fun to watch them get excited over details as we added things like bumpers,  a mast,  an anchor,  and of course navagation instruments!  We have a wind guage,  GPS and an auto pilot! 

At bedtime both girls had made a bed inside the boat and begged to sleep in it.   First it was Lily's turn to sleep in the boat and tonight it is Zoe's turn!  They both wanted to sleep in it and I found myself saying..."you two will not fit..." Lily then replied...."yes we will,  we'll just snuggle close!"  I had to smile because many times along our journey we heard that very same thing from other boaters......."8 people on THAT boat,  how do you all fit?"    We would just smile and say..."we are a very close family!"   

Complete with  steering wheel and nav. instruments!
So my advise for you if you want to have a close family the radical a small boat and travel with your kids.  With GOD'S GRACE it worked for us.  I guess in the end you'll either be close or "jump ship"! And as crazy as it was A LOT of the time....we are all missing it!


Rachel said...

Aw so sweet, love your stories! (This is Rob and Monica Simon's daughter btw..)

G&G said...

What wonderful memories those kids will have forever.....may it never end!!