Monday, August 13, 2012

Fishing update.....

Finally, we're back in town long enough to get some photos posted.

a LOT of driftwood!
Here's a few pictures from where Levi and I have been fishing. Places with names like: Kamashak Flats, Rocky Bay, Port Graham, Windy Bay, and Chinook River. Really out of the way places, FAR from any towns, remote and beautiful. 

Sorry we don't have any pictures of the fish....yet, we have been catching them, it's usually just too chaotic when we're bringing them in to pull out a camera. But, I promise we will post some evidence soon that we're not just out there sightseeing :)

Thanks for checking in with us!

one of the boats we're fishing with
fishing alongside the locals :)
Bald Eagle

Bears fishing
Ready n rain gear
miles and miles of wilderness

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