Thursday, December 10, 2009

Turkey photos

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal Clear Anchorage

Zoe's (Sarah's) Birthday. Happy 3 pooch!

At a cool anchorage all by ourselves!

Our line tied to these rocks. Mooring mediterannean style.

Emma drinking Turkish Tea, it's drank almost non-stop here!

Maggie, Levi and Emma in 'Eski-Datca' Old town.

Old town Datca, quaint village.

Zoe, the grandma magnet.

Moonrise over Mediterranean

Marmaris, Yacht Marine

Hello All!

We've had a busy few weeks, even though we haven't sailed anywhere.

First, we were all set to celebrate Thanksgiving a few weeks ago when we all got sick with some terrible chest congestion deal. On a small boat there's nowhere to go and we all ended up with some variation of it. Erik ended up with Bronchitis and Sarah threw up. I will say a boat is NOT the place to be sick. We were at anchor and it was cold! We moved to the city dock so we could get some electricity (for a small heater) and started the road to recovery.

As soon as we were on the mend, a big storm was coming, December 1......the harbor master for Marmaris came over and suggested we find another spot. All the boats on the dock we were tied up at at were big steel tour boats and we were on the end and would have caught the worst of it. So, after a quick decision, we made our way across the bay at night and went back to Yacht Marina for what looks like the month of December. At the moment, we're getting plugged in to a group of close to 100 people all waiting out the winter as well. We're all excited about showers, electricity, wi-fi internet, the basics. The marina is huge, over 1000 boats in and out of the water.

We ended up having Thanksgiving a week later in the marina and Rachel did an amazing job building a feast with a two burner stove. Maggie made an apple pie and it was a fun day, eating, watching movies, eating, etc. You get the idea!!

There is a cool library here where Maggie and Levi are under strict orders to catch up/get ahead in school. So, they have a system now, taking their backpacks everyday to 'scchool' Levi is trying to find some work here helping out on other boats, learning what he can. There is also a 'kid's club' where Rachel and the girls can get off the boat and hang out doing crafts and playing. There are a few friends here for the littler ones. Emma met Jordan from England, Lily met Emil and Peter originally from South Africa. They're on a circumnavigation, starting in the East Coast of the US and have been through Panama, across the Pacific, through Asia and here in Turkey.

So.....lots of interesting people here, and we're getting some things fixed on the boat while we wait between rainstorms. We're looking forward to a visit from Erik's parents in January for over a month. It will be fantastic to see some family!

Talk to you soon!