Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 10

Position: 15*14N 45*00W
Heading: 280*
Speed: 6.2 knots
Miles sailed: 1197
Miles to go: 942!
The wind showed up!
After a few light days, by daylight yesterday (Friday) the wind was up to 25+ knots and the seas were stirred up as well.
So much for a calm day for the halfway party! Oh well, we managed to grill burgers on the back deck, harnessed in, and had a feast anyway. We also dug out the M&M's and candies we stashed for the kids. We were all happy even though it has been pretty rolly out here. The wind stays this way until Monday and should calm down to 'normal'....... whatever that is!
Other than that, we're doing good, just chipping away at the miles, trying not to stare at the odometer. Finishing the last of our fruit, and it looks like some bananas will wind up in banana bread.
Water and fuel are good, we've only used 80 liters of diesel (20 gallons) and with the watermaker, have plenty of drinking water, with the ability to make more out of the sea as we need.
Thanks everyone!
Stacy - thanks for the cookie recipe :)

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