Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 4

Position: 15*53N 33*18W
Miles sailed: 489
Miles to go: 1610

Hello from Mehari Crew! We're sailing along. We've had good wind, and some swell from a leftover storm way north that is still pushing waves down to us. So, not the smoothest ride, but making good time. Today was 130 miles. Our last weather report shows the waves changing in our favor on Tue, so we're hoping for that :)

The highlight for today is we'll be halfway to halfway in a few hours, and we're already excited for the halfway party we have planned later this week!

The kids are doing great, the girls are working through their crafts, and the highlight of their day is when we run the engines after dinner to charge the batteries and they get to watch a movie. Emma has been an amazing help putting Lily and Zoe to bed and helping with the kitchen and Miles.

Maggie and Levi and I are keeping each other awake for night watches, and we're switching shifts after tomorrow night, so we all get a "chance" for the graveyard shift!

Rachel's doing amazing things in the kitchen every night, keeping us fed and last night was a Mexican noodle thing with fresh cilantro. Tomorrow's chili with fresh cornbread, so needless to say, another reason to count the hours :)

Love you all! Thanks for the continued prayers.


-Will, we'll need an update for what's happening after Wednesday if you get a chance.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure my comments are getting on the blog. I am excited that you are Half way to half way. That is a very unique position to be in. Emms, I am so proud of you helping with the "littles", that is so "BIG". love you all so much. Nana & Grandpa

John said...

Glad to hear things are going well. The food sounds yummy!!! Proud of you Rach! Great job in all the team work you all are doing, that is awesome!! Love you mucho!! G&G

Anonymous said...

Hello you amazing family. Praise YAH all is well. So thankful for that. Perhaps one day I will be blessed to sit with you and you will share about this adventure you guys have been on and what Abba had for you. Love and hugs always!! Nicki

Anonymous said...

Hi there Hemingway family! We have really enjoyed your diaries and photos of a spectacular trip of a lifetime. Our wishes and prayers for your continued safe journey. JOHN & MARY KOUNS