Thursday, February 3, 2011

workin' for a livin'

Here's Levi's winter project. He's been playing guitar and mandolin since we moved on the boat, and has been improving quite a bit over the past year. He's always been very musical, playing the fiddle, and has slowly expanded his skills. 

He's also met some friends since we've been in Jerusalem, Tom, Rachel and Becky from England, and Viivi from Finland. They had an idea one afternoon to 'busk' Play on the streets downtown and see what kind of money they could make. 

Well, things went well and they usually spend one or two nights a week wandering downtown playing for tourists or locals. It's a fun study of people to see who comes and watches and donates. They usually average about $40 an hour for the four of them, unfortunately, they usually play for an hour or two and then all go spend it for pizzas and Cokes. I guess there's worse things than eating for free!


Unknown said...

With the disclaimer that "I am not a parent, nor have I ever been one"...I have to say that this journey that your family is probably the coolest "parenting" approach that I've ever heard of. With the disclaimer that I've lived in or visited 13 countries overseas myself, I can certainly imagine how this experience will expand the kinds' minds and give them a refreshingly open and real-world perspective on life. I hope you all stay safe and see every wondrous marvel that the world can offer up.

welcome2myworldxoxo said...

Saw this on Pinterest. I look frozen