Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love and Morocco

This blog will combine things you don't normally see together. 
Love and Moroccan Food. 
So here I go......

February 14th! Valentines Day! Mom and Dad, Toni and Larry (some friends that were visiting) And my boyfriend Josh and I went on a triple date :) For Valentines day guessed it......a Moroccan Restruant here in downtown Jerusalem called DARNA. 

When we were seated our Waitress came and asked our order. She was a Russian who had moved here some time ago. With her russian accented English it made it hard to understand what was on the menu. She kept telling us she was a 'good recommendaton.' So after 30 minutes of trying to understand what she was ordering for us.....we finally told her to bring what she thought was best....And indeed  she did bring us a yummy feast!!! :) 

We started off with some salads which, on this side of the world just means some small bowls filled with different veggtales.  In the bowls were olives, cooked potatoes in lemon and parsly, hot chiles, cucumber salad, shredded cabbage with dressing and sesame seeds

Then she brought out the  main dishes. They were: Cornish Hen, Lamb Shakes, Meatballs with Celerey, Stuffed Artichokes, Slow-cooked Veal.....ahh just thinking about them again makes my mouth water! :D

We had such a fun night together... Thanks Larry, Toni, Mom and Dad for letting me and Josh join you guys :) And happy late valentines everyone!!

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