Monday, February 7, 2011

Dinner with the Bedouins

Yes, it was a really exciting trip to Jordan!!! :)

Like Dad said we had dinner with them in our tent. A fire was made in the middle of the tent (for warmth and cooking) then they brought out chicken that had been soaking all afternoon in some yummy spices and began to grill it on the open fire. Soon after, the whole tent smelled of grilled chicken!! :D While the chicken cooked "chief" brought out a dish of wild rice, plates of Pitas and a bowl of camel yogurt. It kinda tasted like normal plain yogurt but thicker and more creamy. Since we hadn't eaten in 12 hours (we skipped lunch!) we ate it all up so fast!! We warmed up the pitas on the open fire and they were sooooo yummy!! I must have had 4 pitas myself!! :)

<----It was to dark when we ate to take a pictures of the table of the rest of the food but here's one of the chicken getting grilled :)

Thanks for reading!! :) Til our next exciting meal......-maggie :) 

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