Wednesday, February 9, 2011

skater up's and downs

I have learned that sometimes we take the simple things for granted, like grabbing your board, getting in your car, and driving to the skate park. At the start of this trip, I didn't really think about how big of a deal skating would actually be!!

When we first got to Greece, I tried to put my skate-board back together, since I had taken it apart for the trip over. I soon discovered that my little sister Zoe(4) was playing with and somehow lost ONE of my wheels.  Easy enough...right?  Wrong! After searching 3 different islands in Greece for a skate shop or even a parts store, I had given up hope of finding new skate wheels... :(  

When we got to Turkey, I began looking AGAIN....only finding 1 Sponge-Bob skate-board in a toy store. I almost bought it just for the wheel!  We then got to Marmaris and settled into a marina, I had my
cousin, Corey, send me some skate supplies so I could finally skate. 

The first day out,  my board decided to take a swim! And so did I (to save my board). Another re-set button. It took a while for my board to dry out from the water and salt. In no time I was back on the roads!!

It is really an adventure every time I go to skate. A new place, new roads, new people watching you, all of it has been AWESOME.  When we were in Hertzlia, Israel, I got to skate by the beach. It was cool to hear the waves and be skating at the same time. Since we have been here in Jerusalem, I have been going to the local skate park. It is about 20 minutes from us (not to shabby). It is always fun to see Orthodox Jewish kids skating and biking with their kippas and tzit tzit!! 

Through all of these adventures I ask myself.... Did Tony Hawk ever go through this kind of trouble just to skate??? And my answer is... no! Even though I had a rough start, it has been worth it in the end!! Thanks again Corey:)


**Check out some of my skate photos here:

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Great job Buddy!!!!