Monday, February 7, 2011

Lily's Art ~ Family

I have decided to share on this blog a little bit of "Lily's world".  She has been drawing and coloring pictures since she could hold a crayon.  We have literally STACKS and STACKS of pictures and cards that she has drawn for all of us just since we have left the US.  And if you are the parents like Erik and I are,  we feel extremely guilty for getting rid of any.  Not to mention how can you choose a hand full of your favorite pictures when you love all 100 of them.  So,  I have told her that we will post some of them on our blog so that you can share and be a part of we,  as a family,  get to see everyday.  I have encouraged her to draw some of the places that we have been,  but most days she draws whatever,  movies she watches,  rainbows,  flowers, and of course....princesses :)  I hope you enjoy her art as much as we do!

"Mehari" at anchor


Nicola said...

Lily, your art work is wonderful. So much detail, and the colors are beautiful. Keep on drawing!!! Hugs to you. Nicki

Anonymous said...

great family picture...i like how all the kids on the right have their eyes on mom!
at anchor - very impressive! a little artist for sure!