Thursday, April 7, 2011

Park's in Israel

Do you know what I love about Israel...?  All the park and how much everyone uses them!!!  I promise there is one on every corner.  The very day we sailed into Israel just happened to be the Independence Day for Israel. And within 3 hours hundreds of families were everywhere picnic-ing, eating and playing in the park.  It is such a change for me as an American because we have yards and then buy swing-sets so the kids can go outside anytime they want. We seem to only use our parks for parties or special occasions.  Or maybe we are just too busy. Israelis use their parks joke! Especially on the weekends. Here, most people don't have yards.  Most people live in apartments and so swing-sets are rare.  I really love it for several reasons....

Emma caught stealing dessert!
1. You don't have to buy an expensive swing-set...and don't they always keep coming out with new models each year? So next year yours will be"out-dated". Parks are FREE. And there are usually several to choose from!
2.It gets you outside...HEALTHY!
3.You meet more people.  I have a met a ton of people at the parks.  You just must not be afraid to strike up conversation. (you never know who's life or instant friend your missing out on, if you don't just smile and introduce yourself:)
4.It causes you to be active in hanging out with your children....this sounds weird but how many times do we send our kids outside to play just so that we as adults can clean or Facebook or just do our own thing..?  I am guilty too.  Remember that they grow TOO fast and then the time is gone. 

For Zion Sake friends at the park with us!

I know Erik and I have enjoyed the time at the parks with ALL the kids and friends....and I hope that when we go back to the US we use the parks more!!!

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