Monday, March 21, 2011


Maggie- a Senorita; Levi- The "Mobster"

This week is Purim!!! 

The tradition here is to dress up for the holiday. Its started with the Biblical story of Esther.  I think people began dressing up for the holiday as one of the main character of the story (Mordecai, Haman, or Esther) and over the years it has become a time of dressing up as anything you wants to be.......It's a lot like Halloween in the United States.

As you walk through the streets of Jerusalem, everywhere you look, there seems to be people dressed up. We had a dress up party with all our friends from church and stayed out til 1 in the morning! All the creativity of each costume was amazing!! I made an album of costumes from that night as well as other ones I've seen around Jerusalem. Enjoy the pictures! 

Levi, Emma, Carolina, Lily, Zoe, Becki, Tom, Josh, Rachael, Abbey, Deborah, Anni, Tirza.........All of your costumes were great you guys!!! :) You guys are so much fun!! :) 

Next year in Jerusalem! (Hopefully!!) 
-Maggie :) 
Lily- Puss in Boots; Zoe- Queen Esther
Emma - The Tooth Fairy 

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John said...

Looks like fun!!! Great costumes for all of you