Friday, March 4, 2011

Lily's Art ~ "Happy Birthday Gramps"

Lily(6) has been drawing more...(I think she want to see her art up on the blog:) As we are getting ready to start our sailing season, we were thinking back to all the places we saw last sailing season.  I like to reflect on the things we have done and the places we have been with my kids.  I not only think it is important at her age, but also as believers.  If we are only looking at the "now" and the "tomorrow" how can we remember all the wonderful things God has already allowed us to experience and brought us through?

So.......After asking Lily what some of her favorite things about Turkey were....she seemed to remember hiking and climbing a lot on rocks..(ruins). You know,  2000 year old rocks!  Anyway,  she did remember Ephesus as a highlight.  We were able to visit there two times.  The first as a family, and then again with Erik's parents.  The thing Lily remembered the most is that it was John's (Gramps') birthday when we went. I don't know if you know this about Lily but she has a small obsession with any type of party or birthdays.  She is usually planning hers about 6 months ahead.   We secretly bought a chocolate cake and "mushed" it into a back-pack.  We then hiked an hour or so until we got to the best part of the city..The Library.  Then when John was distracted we took the cake out, which was now mushed and destroyed, put candles onto the chocolate pile and sang "Happy Birthday" to our Gramps. (Of course, with the "special birthday crown")  We had a crowd of tourists smiling at us as we had a party.  We then quickly devoured the cake.  No one seemed to mind that it looked like it was stepped on:) It was a great memory, a birthday party in a 2000 year old Biblical city!  Thanks John for having your Birthday with us.  We love you!  So this picture is for you :)

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John said...

Thank you Lily for remembering when we had my surprise birthday cake. Your picture even looks like the tall Library building where we ate it.We love you.