Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ceserea - ancient shipping port

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to visit the ancient shipping port of Ceserea. It is an ancient port build by Herod during the early years BC(22BC+/-), as he was sent to "control" a far corner of the Roman Empire. He was eager to make an impression that he had things under control and wanted to show off by tackling some huge architectual projects. He even named it Ceserea to "brown nose" Julius Cesar who was controlling Rome at that time.

Of these, Ceserea was one of the most ambitious projects along the ocean anywhere in the world at that time. Not only did they construct a huge man-made harbor, which included sinking pilings as a breakwater wall against the storms (even to this day, most are still visible, although sunk from earthquakes) but also had a large city built on the sea and built a massive aqueduct along 13 Km of shore line up to a fresh water spring toward Haifa.

The park is really an incredible sight, it is well preserved and restored, laid out nice, and for us cost-conscious boaters, FREE! An extra bonus! We had a great afternoon exploring and just hanging out in the salt air, the highlight was playing at the beach as the sun slipped behind the horizon, pretty fantastic day!


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John said...

Awesome, amazing place!! Wish we could have gone here time:)