Sunday, March 6, 2011

Henna with the girls!

Henna is a plant commonly found in Africa, the Middle East and India, and is used to stain hair, skin and cloth. The scientific name for it is: Lawsonia Inermis.  When the powder is mixed into a paste and applied it darkens the pigment but does not chemically alter it. It is a temporary stain, and will eventually fade out of your hair.  You must however use a PURE Henna and not one that has chemicals added to it.There is much debate about using it on the internet. I have added some links at the bottom of this blog if you want to do more reading about it.  Since we have been traveling on this side of the world, Henna is commonly found and very inexpensive. You can find it at any market in the spice section.  You simply buy it by the kilo or the gram. 1 kilo here in Israel is about 10 Shekels...which is about $3.50.
Getting ready!
Becki at the "Beauty Shop"

The Henna Goooooo
Maggie NOT wanting her pic taken:)

Maggie and I have been using it and we love it!!  One of my "boating" friends,  Tanya,  that I met in Turkey, has done quite a bit a traveling in the Middle East and uses Henna often.  She helped Maggie and I.  (Actually Maggie got to be the guinea pig). The process is quite messy, long, and smells like you are applying chicken feed onto your head but natural and very healthy for your hair. I feel good about letting Maggie put a natural dye on her hair at her age and it is fun to have a "girl thing" between me and her. Speaking of....I am about ready for some more Henna:)       

Rachel :)

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