Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leaving Israel :(

Yesterday we left Israel. We had originally intended to go and stay long enough to have Miles and wait for his passport and head back out, but God had other plans! 

We were able to spend a total of one year in Israel, and met so many amazing people and see some incredible sights throughout our time there! Certainly a LOT of stories that we would love to tell you all about when we see you next. It was very mixed feelings that we left, sad to go, but excited to sail through the season ahead, knowing it's going to be an fantastic year. 

Some of our friends met in a park the day before we left and we had a bar-b-que. Thanks for hanging out with us: Viivi, Blackhams, Yoha, Rob, Yosi, Nathan, Deborah, Abbey, & Rasmus. Also, miss you guys: Lena Sergei, Luda and Asha!

We even had a family we'd met, the Blackhams, come to see us off at the marina as we literally sailed into the sunset! All that was missing was a champagne bottle broken on the stern as we left! There were however, a lot of tears and hugs, and we know we have made lifelong friendships and can't wait until we see each other again. We miss you guys already! 

Certainly the biggest negative to this kind of lifestyle is the saying goodbyes! 

Thanks Israel for getting under our skin and into our hearts! We'll miss you and you never know............!

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