Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping craziness @ the Souk (Shook)

The best and cheapest way to shop in Israel...clothes and food.. is the Souk.  The oldest Souk market is the one located in the Old City but there is a Souk located in most major towns in Israel. An open air market with vender's selling produce and baked goods.  There is usually a "meat/chicken" section, with pasta, cheese and spice shops. Along with clothing stores sprinkled in and among it all.  PURE craziness!  The vendors are usually loud and aggressive and the busiest days to go are Thursday and Friday because everyone is getting ready for Sabbath.  (Saturday, end of the week rest!) I know if I am there either of those 2 days..

.#1 - I can hardly push my stroller around because of the crowds of people. 
 #2 - Within 1 hour, Zoe(4) and Lily(6) are so over-stimulated they are ready to go home!

When it is not crowded it is fun to walk around and shop. Produce is very cheap so we try to make it there at least one time a week.  We have all picked our favorite shops for goodies.  Erik loves to head over to the cheese shop and he never forgets to get some olives!! Emma and the little girls hit the cheap candy shop where you can get 1 shekel candy.  Maggie and Levi know the place for iced coffees and I love the nuts and date stands.  We also hit the bakery to grab fresh pitas, breads and baked goodies very inexpensive...oh yeah our new favorite pastry Levi introduced us to....caramel filled pocket! After eating one of those treats..... you KNOW this is the "Promised Land"!

Rachel:) Don't forget to check out all the market pics on the web album!

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