Sunday, April 10, 2011

Israeli Beaches = No shoes :)

Oh how I love Israeli beaches.  Well, I love any beach but the Israeli beaches are pretty special. For one the sand is different.  It is unique from most beaches in the US. The sand has a reddish tint that reminds me of places in Sedona AZ.  It is more fine and feels different.  I noticed it right away! No shoes required:)  Although I have not seen water more clear than in the Greek islands (clear 60 feet down) the beaches are pebble shores and shoes are needed! Some sand, but not much.  I do enjoy a good sandy beach, there is just something therapeutic about the sound of the waves and the sand in your toes!  The other reason I love the beaches here is because most public beaches have play ground equipment right on the sand for your kids to play with. Swim, play, swim, play! 

Some other beaches I loved were.... the black sand (volcanic) beaches in Costa Rica, the broken shelled beaches of Florida, small pebbled beaches of Greece and the white sand beaches of Mexico!


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