Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dig in Israel!!

While we have been here in Israel, Maggie and I have gotten the chance to help out with an archeological dig!! A couple of months ago the Grafmans (an American family we met) were here on a visit to Israel and asked us to go with them and we did!!

We drove out to the valley of Elah  (where David killed Goliath,)  and started digging around 7 am.  While we were working we found tons of pottery, bones, and glass that was thousands of years old!! It was really exciting to be able to find all of this stuff that other people have left behind, it makes me wonder what people will find of mine someday.... :) We were given small shovels and brushes and were told to dig away at a wall that was found, possibly part of someone's home. The history was incredible! They had been digging at this site for about 2 months but we were told that it would take about a year to label and classify everything that was found...crazy!

 At around 9  we had breakfast with the rest of the volunteers , which was cereal, pudding , bread, hummus, veggies, coffee and juices!! All of the food was provided for the volunteers that were working there.  At around 11 we had some more snacks. All of the volunteers were from America.  

We finished work at around 1,  then started the drive back to Jerusalem!  We were COVERED from head to toe with dirt. It was an awesome day! 


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