Thursday, August 25, 2011

Capri -

The myth……..the legend……..the really, really, overcrowded, hangout for the super rich!

We made it along the Amalfi coast, amid 25-30 knot winds coming off the HIUGE mountains surrpounding us and were absolutely in awe of the houses perched up there with cool roads and bridges clung to the hill. But, once we were close enough to anchor in an exposed and rolly bay, we spotted some mooring balls that we could just tie up to instead of trying to anchor. We pulled close to tie on, and the spotter boat sped over and let us know it was 100 Euros to tie up to the mooring for the night. 100 Euros!!

We chuckled, as that’s almost our food budget for a week, we were certainly out of our class here! We decided to keep on moving along the Amalfi coast and try it out at the island of Capri, another few hours away.

By the time we made it over to Capri, it was late at night and we were weaving in and around HUGE mega yachts. Maggie spotted one with 7 stories, probably a private owner and out for his annual two week vacation on board. We moseyed our way to the cheap seats, the anchoring near the beach, and after several frustrating attempts, settled in for the night.

The next morning, we were awoken early by Italians, on holiday, zipping around the bay, stirring it up. WE had breakfast and moved to a corner of the bay, and after swimming, snorkeling, and rolling around from all the wakes, we’d had enough and pulled up anchor and set out north again. I think we’ll be OK once August ends, and the thought of being tied up in the nice calm river near Rome was really appealing! So, when in doubt, sail on… we did another 30 hour haul north.

See you in Rome!

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