Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crew update summer 2011

Kids updates: 

Miles - His biggest achievements lately, besides stealing hearts wherever he goes, is: taking a few wobbly steps (his max is 5!) coveing his ears, instead of his eyes, playing peek-a-boo, and can say almost everyone's name, although they all sound pretty much the same. Still gnawing away with his four teeth!

Zoe - She's had a busy summer, and is fearless as ever. She learned to swim one day, and was diving the next and jumping off the highest things from the boat she can find. She thinned out a lot with all her swimming and spends a LOT of time getting on Lily's nerves, although the two of them are best friends and can't stay mad at each other for more than 10 minutes. 

Lily - After the highlight of her birthday a few weeks ago, she sprung into 'who's next' and is busy planning Miles' one year birthday in a few weeks. She also has been a fish this summer and is also diving and the other day, was jumping from cliffs that made Maggie and Emma nervous. For a 7 year old little princess, they were HIGH! She was really brave and we all had a great time swimming into some really dark caves and exploring. 

Emma - Still always ready for a game, anytime, anywhere, she is doing great this summer also. She like to take a break from everyone once in a while (we all do;) she manages to hide somewhere and likes beading. We met up with another boat from the US and their daughter Caroline, and Emma spend almost 2 weeks together baking, playing and swapping books. She is developing a like, not yet a love, of reading and if it catches her attention, she can't put the book down.

Levi - Came back from the US excited about sailing on through the rest of the Med, and beyond, and had a great time there visiting cousins, friends, and meeting his new cousins from Russia. He and John really hit it off and played a lot of soccer and basketball. He also has dove more into the guitar than ever and his rare trips to internet involve downloading loads of TABs (music scores) and then spends the next few days/weeks honing them. It usually means many many hours on the front deck sailing or at anchor with the guitar. 

Maggie - Also had a great time in the US and was pleasantly surprised at the low shopping prices. She also had a great time with her cousin Kelsey and her new cousin Jen. She has been helping a lot in the kitchen and tries to keep us stocked with baked goods, but they go quickly. She is always on the lookout for WiFi and the other day, we actually could 'see' some internet from the boat as we sailed some 400 yards from shore. So you can bet she was up on deck with her ipod in the air keeping her boyfriend Josh, in Israel, updated on where and how she was.

So, that's the latest from the 'under 20' crew of Mehari. Erik and Rachel are on survival mode, anxious to see what adventure land living might be like after this adventure......and also kicking around ideas for the next adventure, whenever and wherever that may be. Feeling very blessed and blown away by this opportnity for the time we have been given to make this memory we will bever forget!

Love you all!


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