Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Onward to Malta…

We’re excited to see Malta, we’ve heard good reports about it.  Many cruisers we’ve talked to said they had to hurry and leave or they would have been tempted to stay. 

It seems to be a pretty unique place as it is located smack dab in the middle of the Med. It has been pollenated and cross pollenated by a plethora of different cultures over the centuries.  Roman, Italian, Greek, ancient Moors, Crusaders, African influence, Middle Eastern. Basically, world history in an island! Even the apostle Paul wound up there after a massive storm and was welcomed by a poisonous snake bite (Acts 15)  

As it is a hub, a LOT of boats pass through and the boat supplies are “supposed” to be plentiful and cheap(er?) We hope. We have two last items on our ‘cross-the Atlantic’ list: an off-shore life raft, and good quality foul-weather gear. Neither of which we hope we will need, but want to be prepared.
Maggie and Levi brought back some other electronics, a chart plotter, a new AIS (anti-collision) enabled VHF radio, and a satellite phone, enabled to send and receive emails. So we will be able to plot our course and keep in touch with family from the middle of the ocean. We’re pretty excited about that!

One of the biggest challenges we’ve had on this adventure is keeping in touch with family. We had originally thought, ‘Europe, 1st world, internet everywhere, no problem.’ It’s been a bit more complicated than that. Most of the internet we ‘see’ is locked, or pay by the hour (10Euro!!)  So, it’s somewhat ironic that the easiest way for us to keep in touch from will be the middle of nowhere!


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Bruno Cavallaro said...

You'll find several Nautical shops 300 metres on the left of Manoel Island Marina entrance gate.