Friday, August 19, 2011

The excitement of the day!

Dad went for a morning snorkel and came back with an exciting find....A bright red live starfish!!

The girls are so excited to hold it and even Miles enjoyed the way it feels when it tries to stick to the palm of your hand……Although he keeps trying to grab one of the legs and pull it off!

The girls decided “she” needed a name and made a list of possibilities. Some of the names Included: Hot Tamalie, Rosie(Lily’s Vote), Cinqo(five in Spanish)and Tinkle Wiz(Zoe’s creation)  I suggested we name her something in Italian and  Lily asked me if I’d look up the color red in our Italian dictionary….the answer is “Rosa.” Lily said that is sounded really close to Rose and so it sounded perfect! So this is her official name J Sadly, since she’s alive, we have to drop her back in the ocean when we leave this bay but we took lots of pictures for memories. Here’s a few of Rosa with the Kids….Enjoy!


John said...

We just love it!!! The beauty of GOD'S creation in a starfish!! Rosa was my aunt's name....thank you for naming her that:)
Love you lots & Lots...G&G

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I have never seen a read starfish! Beautiful bright faces - love ya, Nana & Grandpa