Friday, August 26, 2011


We made it into Rome, and up the river late Sunday night, ready for the bridge to open at 6:30 the next morning.

Like clockwork, it opened and we met up with our sailing friends on s/v Imagine. Please see their blog at the bottom of our page, they are ‘close’ to finishing their circumnavigation in a few months and we met them in Israel right after they’d come up though the Red Sea. We were tired from a long week of sailing and it was great to meet up with friends, and they’d had all the ropes figured out for shopping and getting into Rome and back.

We are moored in a river near Fiumicino, not far from the airport, and about an hour outside the center of Rome. It’s a small boatyard owned by two brothers, who let cruisers use their dock for very reasonable prices, and it’s probably the only way a family of our size would be able to see Rome without costing a fortune. The Adams had been here almost a week already and were planning a road trip up to Tuscany and Pisa and Florence, and invited us along. So we would save the sights of Rome until after the road trip and after a day of rest, we were on the roads going 10x the speed of Mehari. It was strange moving that fast after putting along in Mehari for the past few months, but no one was complaining! It was really nice sitting in a quiet car with no diesel engine rumbling, and with air conditioning!!

We'll send some updates from the road trip and some photos........

~ Hems

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