Wednesday, March 24, 2010

....over the wall!

Last week started with a "Boat Jumble" It's a bi-annual event in the marina where everyone digs out their "treasures of the bilge" and has a big swap meet, I think the idea is to sell more than you buy and we almost succeeded. We sold an extra small outboard that came with the boat when we bought it. (We've since up-graded to a bigger dinghy and motor) and only bought some original charts for where were heading for only 3Lira ($2).
Maggie did some baking and made some banana bread and cinnamon rolls to sell at the jumble and ended up with 30 Lira ($20) for her efforts. She'll definitely be making baked goods for customers if we're in a marina again.
Levi found a pair of flippers for his snorkeling adventures this Summer, and bought them with money he's earned in the marina. He figured out, towards the end of the Winter, that people in the marina pay well for odd jobs they don't want to do. So he made some good money in a short time crawling in hard to reach chain lockers, cleaning barnacles off dinghies and lending a hand to an electrician working and running wires in boats. IF we wind up in a marina, I fully expect Levi to be handing out business cards the first day we're there and be busy the whole Winter!
The jumble was followed by a bar-b-que, grilled meatballs and chicken shish kabaps. Our group of 25 stayed and had a great afternoon in the sun, telling lies and stories and it was a fun way to say good-bye to the marina.

Monday, we finally left the marina. For those of you following us, I'm sure it was getting a bit boring hearing all about Marmaris! Of course, it went faster than we thought, and it ended up being a mad rush to get things finished on the boat, doing the last loads of laundry, and filling the fridge and freezer and making our way out. Monday morning Rachel and I were in town for a last minute doctor appointment, buying groceries, and a few things for the boat. Maggie and Levi were an incredible help and had the boat clean and packed by the time we got back. We left in Hemingway style as some of our laundry was still hanging on the clothes lines on the boat as we motored out of the marina! We certainly felt loved as a lot of our friends came out on their decks and waved us off, very cool feeling!

We've met some great friends in the marina and it was bittersweet leaving after 3+ months there. One of the newer families is the Drinkalds from Australia, Steve, Cheryl, and their kids Chelsea (11) and Nick (8). Fantastic family. We found out later that they were involved with Growing Families, a Christian parenting program that we'd done in the US. Small world indeed. They recently moved aboard a big catamaran called "Connect 4" and are excited about heading out in about a month. After we left the marina late in the day on Monday, they came out to where we were anchored and had dinner. We played games and had a great time until after midnight. It was sad to say good bye, but we're hoping to hook up with them, maybe in Israel.

On Tuesday, we headed out of Marmaris bay and were travelling with another family we'd met, Peter, Ruth and Will (12) on "Time Warp" They are Americans and were wanting to have a "trial run" going East before they turn around and head West through the Med in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in November. We made it as far as Dalyan some 18nm and anchored in a bay. It was a fantastic sail, calm seas and gentle breezes. Just the kind of day you wait all year for! We were thrilled to get some wind in the sails and water under the keel. We're making our way to Fethiye with Time Warp and we'll write more next week.........

Bye for now........Hems.

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