Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodies from the Galley....:)

Dad's Birthday Pie!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

This year for dads birthday I made him a lemon pie. Well the recipe is for lemon merange but I skipped the merange part ;)

We left Marmaris a few days ago and are sailing with some friends we
met in the marina. So Friday we hung out in a small town we found called Gocek. Had lunch and did some shopping. Then hit the road.....Well I mean the sea :) After we sailed for a few hours we found a

small quiet bay and had a yummy Birthday dinner and of course, the pie for dessert.

So here's the pictures....enjoy!! 

Til next time....-Maggie


John said...

Very nice pie! YOu make everything we are craving!

Anonymous said...

Maggie - Lemon pie is my favorite - Love you, Nana

James Truman said...

hi Hemingways -
stop posting all those food fotos!! there are some of us out here who are having major stomach grindings from looking at those pics and dreaming of how good it all tastes!! not to mention considering all the great local foods you have been sampling.
been ckng your route via GOOGLE maps and GOOGLE searches of the towns you visit. SERIOUSLY ENVIOUS!!!
congrats on impending arrival of a new sailor. exciting news, indeed.
a friend from Hawaii just visited and she and her husband spent many years with their two kids on a sailboat in the Pacific.
aloha oukou (aloha to all of you), James Truman

AARON said...

Glad to hear from you all. Happy Belated Brthday Erik!! We love and miss you all, and are praying for safe sailing. Awesome pics, thanks for keeping us updated. Love you A&D

John said...

Yikes, the waves!!! Now we know why we were praying so hard! Cappadocia looks great (web) and what an awesome education.....who needs school! Love you.Mom & Dad