Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodies from the Galley....:)

Here, I had promised to write a weekly post thinking I'm so bored I will gladly do something like this in my free time. But (as life goes!) it did not happen this way at all! As we get ready to start our sailing season and leave Marmaris Bay the days seem to be speeding by and I don't know where they go! :)

That goes, of course, the same with my baking. But business can not stop me from doing what I love right? So Friday night I stared a batch of cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning......Without thinking I accidentally made a full batch instead of the normal half batch I make for our family. Need less to say I was going to end up with over 50 cinnamon rolls!!! Thankfully some of our friends here in the marina took them off our hands with out any complaints. Thanks guys! You saved us from some pretty terrible stomache aches!! ;) Here's a picture of them. One is while they were rising and the last is after they are baked complete with frosting......Thanks Grammy for the great recipe! I wish you were here to bake them with me!!

All in the pans. Now it's time to rise!

Just a few of the MANY I had to frost :) Haha

Also before I go, Mom asked me to make some cookies for a small potluck we had here with our friends. I looked through the cook book and had been dying to make this for a while so I took it as a good chance to try the new recipe out. Once I figured out how long they needed to be in the oven(since our oven has a mind of its own!!) they were really simple! They are Lemon Tea Cookies coated with a lemon juice and sugar mix. So here's pictures of the "finished product." :)

The Lemon juice and sugar mix getting drizzled on top!

I have so much fun staging the photos! I think it makes them look even yummy-er! :)

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed the photos!! --Maggie


Zeke said...

You torture me! :)

John said...

Great job Mags, on the baking and photos. Wish I was there too baking together!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie Grampa and I just love the photo's, I think I told you in Facebook, I though I was looking at the cooking channel. Your did a great job. Wish we could tast them. I guess we will just have to go to the store and get a tub of cin buns, but I am sure they won't be as good as the one's made with your own hands.

Anonymous said...

Yummm I think I have made something like those before.