Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.......now it gets fun!

Well, we must have muttered something under our breath at some point about this lifestyle not being challenging enough.....trying to travel around over here with 7 of us on a sailboat (and not really even being sailors!) but I guess the Lord thought we could handle another challenge.

We found out a few weeks ago that sevensailors is growing to eight! We are expecting a baby in early September, and have been trying to come up with a plan on how this would work. 

Let's see...we first met with a female gyno/doctor here in Turkey, and our first meeting was quite an experience. She works at the local hospital in the mornings and sees patients in her office in the afternoon. We went in a waited for almost an hour and then she popped her head into the waiting room and said, Rachel! So we went in her office and sat there for literally, 5 minutes. She asked us questions like how many kids we have, vitamins Rachel's taking, so on. Next thing, she has Rachel on an exam table and she's doing an ultra-sound. It's certainly NOT like the States where it's planned, scheduled, family all comes and videos taken and all that. We just looked up and there the baby was......swimming around, looking healthy! The whole visit took maybe 15 minutes and we left there kind of in a blur at how quick it was. Pretty to-the-point. She thought everything looked good, so we started talking about options for birth. She is willing to help us deliver at the hospital she works at and thought it would cost, with her fees, roughly 1000 US. Everything, done.

Another option is......we looked up and found a midwife in Israel, where we were planning to sail anyway, to see if she would take Rachel as a patient even though we won't be there for another few months. She is an American who immigrated to Israel in the early 70's and literally has written the only book on midwifery in Israel. She has a 'birthing center' on her property which consists of cabins we are able to rent to have the baby in. You can visit her site at: http://www.birthathome.co.il  They are stocked with shower, bath tub, bed and look very comfortable. She has delivered thousands of babies and works with a hospital nearby in case of emergencies. The cost is similar at around 4000 Israeli sheckels (1200US) She was willing to see Rachel when we get there in June and sounded excited about our plans. She recommended some blood tests here in Turkey which we've already done. A BIG plus with going to Israel and using the midwife is all the kids would be able to be a part of the experience and could be in the room. 

So.......lots to think about. We know God is working in all of it and are excited to see which direction He points us. We get a little stressed at the unknown of it all, but I think that makes us trust Him more. Keep us in prayer as we see where God guides! It looks like it's going to be an interesting year!



Christa said...

well, I wish I was joining in on the fun! Israel sounds great! Turkey sounds adventurous! I am sure the Lord will be right there blessing the birth anywhere you do it! Have you considered doing it alone? Just Curious! I will be praying for you guys as you seek the Lord on the plans for your adventure! Baby #6, YEAH!

Zeke said...
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