Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tent pegs......check!

We're past Missouri, back on the road and last night was in a little State Campground called Weston Bend.

We ended up getting there quite late, and tested our skills by setting up the tent in the dark. All the little ones were already asleep, so we just laid out the beds and simply transferring the sleeping kids inside. It was an OK first night in the tent, we had no air mattresses (well, we did, but no pump to air them up and no desire to do it at 10:00 pm :) so we slept on the good 'ol ground for the night. Keeps you humble, eh?

In the morning was cereal, a quick shower in the campground, and we were back on the road, heading to Erik's brother's house in the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the way, we saw mile after mile of farmlands in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

After a long driving day, we arrived at Aaron and Darla's late (again! are you seeing a trend?) and they had beds already set up for us and a nice toasty fire in their backyard. We spent a few hours catching up and then were fast asleep! It's amazing how tired you get sitting in a car all day! Aaron and Darla have been working hard on their property for the past 3 years and the amount of work they've accomplished was amazing. Hundreds of trees cut and cleared, a house built, and utilities installed. Pretty overwhelming looking at the property next door which is still raw. We spent a couple days there, hanging out, sleeping, and EATING! They raided the freezer and we had some awesome steaks!

So, in a couple of days, we're off towards Montana and then Canada. See you then!

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