Saturday, May 26, 2012

Canada & north

Hello again, 
We are up into Canada now.....and we used our 'rain plan' last night (driving all night) and made it up as far as a place called Liard Hot Springs in northern Alberta. It is an awesome campground and we got here in plenty of time to take a night long swim in the hot springs before dinner and bed! Although now it is so light so late, it's really strange going to bed when it's light.

The hot springs are just right, and if you want it hotter, you move toward one end of the pool, until you can't stand it. REALLY felt great after some long road hours. 

So, camping for tonight and onward tomorrow........



1 comment:

John said...

LOoks very relaxing after a hard day in the car....gets rid of those 'neck" kinks!!