Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beaufort, N.C.

Soon to be tuna steaks!
Zoe watching dolphins off the front of Mehari

We had a good sail up from Florida. It ended up taking 4 days, because the wind died out on the 2nd day and we ended up motoring quite a bit. On the flip side, we had several HUGE pods of dolphins with us on our trip and were able to watch them for an hour or so. We also caught a couple of fish! We had a BIG mahi on one afternoon, but we didn't let him get tired enough before we tried to bring him on-board and at the last minute, he wriggled off the hook!! We were NOT happy. But early the next morning, Levi and I each caught a Black Fin Tuna! Those were a first for us, and it was great eating on our last day at sea. Rachel seared them in some Teriyaki and over a bed of coconut rice, they were amazing!

We arrived in Beaufort N.C. a few days ago and discovered it was just voted the "Cutest Small Town in America" although we could have figured it on our own once we got here. It is just an amazing town along the ICW, and lots of little shops lining the old waterfront street. It was established in 1709 and there are rows of old houses as you go away from the water's edge. Really pretty.
"Cutest small town in America"
Boat-building competition 

On the day we arrived, they were having an annual "Boat Building" Competition. The 2 man teams were each given the same set of plans, and lumber supplies, and 4 hours to build a boat from scratch and make it seaworthy enough for each team member to row across the bay and back, relay style. It was lots of fun, watching the teams slam the boats together with liberal amounts of Sika Flex or 5200 (all purpose heavy duty boat caulking). Even still, most of the boats took on a LOT of water getting across and back! Some of them even had to dump the water out between rowers! Good fun. Maybe Levi and I will be ready to enter next years' event ;)

Mehari is anchored right in front of the town and we have spent a few nights hanging out on-shore, and finding some parks to run around in. Also this week, Emma and I flew up to Boston to pick up the car we purchased to get us up to Alaska. So that was a fun, but way too quick road trip where we drove through 9 states in 3 days! 

So, now it's time to get Mehari out of the water, safe in a boat yard for hurricane season, and start packing for our road trip up to Alaska! Busy, Busy!

From Beaufort, 

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