Friday, August 27, 2010

"busted thumb" construction

While we've been here at For Zion's Sake, we've been able to start a remodeling project on some office space. The ministry here is consolidating and moving offices, so Levi and I have been working on framing, drywall, and some electrical. 
Who knows, maybe it's the seed of a construction business when this sailing adventure is all over? Levi likes working with his hands and he's soaking up whatever meager knowledge I have.

I thought some people might like to see what we've been up to since were off the boat for a bit, in Jerusalem. (In case you thought since we weren't sailing, we were just sitting around!)
Next project is to add a shower to a bathroom, so we'll see what kind of damage we can get into with that one! 

See you all later! 



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of your projects, you guys do good work. So glad things are going well. Love you...

John said...

Looks like what we are doing in S.Dakota!!!