Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sukkah on the roof
What a week! This week (well, the last couple of weeks) is holiday time here in Israel. So, it's been really cool to see how everyone prepares for it. The holiday season builds up to a week long holiday called Sukkot. It is celebrating when the Israelites left Egypt and ended up wandering in the desert for 40 years. During these years, they lived in tents and moved as God directed them, so in rememberance, everyone sets up small shelters on their patios, decks, yards, pretty much anywhere you can fit one! The Bible commands His people to continue this celebration and to eat at least one meal per day in a "sukkah" So, you see almost every restaurant set one up in front of their place and they are usually packed until the wee hours.

We built a sukkah up on the roof of the apartment and spent a few evenings in the breeze, enjoying some wine, olives, hummus, and cheese......really nice!! Emma and her friend Yonit, spent the night up there one night and got more than a few bug bites! We had a lot of visitors here at 'For Zion's Sake', 6 ladies from Russia, a girl from Switzerland named Anita, a lady from Poland via Australia - Asha, and another lady from Australia, Suzi. Plus with my parents, it was a full house(s). Everyone was flexible and even though some people wound up on the floor, it was a good time. 
The week builds up to "The Blessing" by the head Rabbi at the Western Wall and everyone who has mad pilgrimage is there to hear the blessing. We went down to see the crowds and it was packed! There were an estimated 50,000 jammed into the big courtyard, and stacked on every stairway and upper patio all over the complex. It was exciting being there and very intense at the same time. My dad and I ended up helping some people who were handing out water bottles and glasses of water because it was roasting hot that day. 

Green Door Pizza, one-of-a-kind! 
Afterwards, we wandered into the Arab Quarter to dine at the legendary 'Green Door Pizza' a favorite of backpackers for years because it's cheap and rustic. Quite a place.....the guy works down in this pit in front of a wood oven, the walls are all black from smoke stains, and he makes the pizzas with tomato sauce, soft cheese squares, and cracks two eggs on it, mixes it up and throws it in the oven. Definately worth the experience! Josh, someone who came with us on the adventure, couldn't get enough and ate almost 3 himself. You're an animal Josh!

Quite a day!! Quite a week! It was really awesome being in the land for it and we all had a ball. 

Until next.......Hems


John said...

I don't remember Josh eating THAT much...I even had some left over he didn't touch!! Pops

Hemingway's said...

I had to give him a hard time....he kept looking at the pizzas like they were going to jump up and bite him! Too funny!