Tuesday, August 17, 2010

digging in the dirt

We've met some new friends who are visiting Israel for 6 weeks from the US (Virginia), the Grafman family. They have 4 boys from 19-9 and it's been great getting to hang out with them.

They had arranged to volunteer at an archeological dig outside of Jerusalem in Bet Shemesh and invited Maggie and Levi to go along.

It was an amazing experience as they were able to dig and find some incredible artifacts from 3000+ years ago!

The pot in the picture only has the top poking out of the dirt but was an entire pot! There was over 60 of these discovered at the site.

They had a lot of fun and came back filthy dirty from rolling around in the dirt all day, but thankful for the experience and for new friends!

Thanks Grafmans!!

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