Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We're now in Bodrum, Turkey heading east toward the next bay over called Aspat Koyu.

Yesterday we went to a very cool cave on an Island called Kataraada (black island) where you can swim into the cave and take a mud bath. The mud is exported to Europe and supposedly, Cleopatra stayed on this Island for three years. We had a rough sail back to Bodrum straight into the wind and are anchored back in the bay.

There are night clubs here on the water and they play music until EXACTLY 5:00 am. Just in time for the first Muslim call to prayer! So, we'll be glad to get to a quieter anchorage for sure!

Kids are doing good. Tomorrow is the big outdoor fruit and vegatable market where farmers from all around the area flood in and sell every kind of produce imaginable. It's pretty overwhelming! We'll post some photos as soon as we figure out the new blog.

Take care all!


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John said...

Do the mud baths make you younger???? Maybe we should get ourselves over soon, before our next Birthdays!!