Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello from Turkey......

We took a detour for a couple of days and rented a car and drove up to Ephesus. We figured we were as close as we would get, as we're heading south and were ready for a break from the boat. It was an amazing experience and really incredible being in a place we've only read about, but I think the thing that will remain with all of us is the lesson we learned while we were there.

We set out on a Friday morning from the hotel and got to Ephesus, and literally as we were walking into the entrance, our camera died. Changed batteries, nothing. Once in a lifetime and we were going to miss getting any pictures! We all started blaming each other on whose fault it must be, frustrated and basically, failed. So, we went back to the entrance and bought two disposable cameras so we'd at least have evidence we were there. İ even drove back to town looking for another digital camera, armed with a credit card.......nothing.

So, we finally decided to make the best of the situation and go for it. Halfway through Ephesus, we met a professional photographer who has worked there for 12 years. We told him our situation, and he called another friend who had a great Nikon camera that accepted our camera card, and he became our tour guide and private photgrapher. Of course, he knew all the best spots for photos and all the background of everything we saw! How crazy is that!

I know nothing's for free and was counting on the big pitch when we left, private tour, camera rental, etc. etc., but none of it! I tried to pay him and he wouldn't take it. He was really glad to help and hoped we'd enjoyed it. Thanks Charles!!

What a great lesson learned about how God works things out better than we can imagine and how we are so quick to put HIM in a box! Shame on us for missing out on all HE wants to do for us when things don't go like we think they should! Thanks, LORD for a great memory......

Until next.........


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