Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guadaloupe - Les Saintes

We launched off from Dominica, from a little picturesque town of Portsmouth, really quaint and clean. We've been in Dominica for a week and a day from the crossing, and I guess it's time to start moving again!

We still have a a long way to go, some 1900 miles as we head north back to the US, over the next few months. We've had mixed feelings about heading back, but a little detail called money and our troublesome, daily habit of eating, we decided it's time for us to head "home".  We sold our home and almost all our possesions when we left for Costa Rica 4 years ago and we think it's going to be a bit of culture shock going back again.

For us, the decision was partially made with Maggie and Levi getting to the age where they are wanting to start planning their own lives. They want to get jobs, earn money, start saving for college, cars, etc. and much more time on the boat would be unfair to them, we thought. As with the rest of life, you make decisions, live with them, make more, and on it goes. I still love John Lennon's song: "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" So......for now, we are living, planning, praying, and scheming another family adventure in another 5 years or so......lots of new dreams which we'll save for now :)

It was only 17 miles up to a cluster of islands called : Les Saintes, part of Gudeloupe, known for great snorkeling. We have met up with a boat we met back in Rabat, Morocco. They are an American/British couple and have just completed a 7 year circumnavigation! Congratulations Jimmy and Caroline! Anyway, we're traveling together for a while and Levi, Emma and I went on a hike up a mountain with them last Sunday. Beautiful views over the bays and a lot of the pictures look like postcards. It was a steep hike and Emma 'earned' some ice cream (at least that's what she kept telling me on the hike) and we wandered into the main town of ?????? while Rachel and Maggie and the little ones spent a day relaxing on the beach. All in all, a good day and a really pretty island. We ended up a total of 2 nights here and are making our way up to pigeon island, halfway up the coast and another good spot for snorkeling we were told. I'm starting to think all the spots in the Caribbean are relative, because they are all supposed to be "beautiful" and "great snorkeling" and there's no way we're going to even see a fraction, so we'll see what we can.

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sophieNyc said...

Hey Rachel!
We are back to Quebec now, and after a smooth- and sooo cold- landing, we are back to our routine. I'm out of the cast now and enjoying a 2 hands life;-) It will sure be useful to move back to the city in 2 weeks. It was super nice to meet you and your family in Les Saintes. This beach day was great and Marie was so happy to meet the girls.
Have a safe journey back home. And for sure, the shower in NYC is still an valid proposition;-)
Be well