Saturday, February 4, 2012

Antigua - English Harbor

Heading north, slowly :)

We're in Antigua, another, absolutely beautiful island, and FULL of huge expensive boats. I guess this is THE place to be seen. It's especially busy as it's peak season, being winter in the US and England, where it looks like most of the boats are from. We look more than a little out of place where we are anchored for free and have two loads of laundry hanging on the decks, in our little catamaran or as we call her the 'station wagon of the seas.' But, no one has asked us to leave yet so I guess we're OK! 

We had a pretty decent sail up from Guadeloupe yesterday, although so far all the sailing we've done as we've headed north from Dominica, has been "uphill" or really close to the wind and it hasn't been all that great for us. We don't sail well directly into the wind and waves, and yesterday was rolly and we took tons of water over the decks. After big waves come over, they find little ways to get inside, and today is a lot of laundry and drying things out :(  or as well call it....we're having a "house-day" wishing for a washing machine, and no salt water. See? even here in 'paradise' it's not fact in some ways it's really hard. 

We are told that from this island, it's "downhill" as we should be sailing more with the wind and waves. The plan now is to head over to St Barts (Barthalemy) and then on to St. Marten, both French islands. We're also hoping the provisioning starts getting less expensive! We've used almost all our food we had stored up for the crossing, and so far, the places we've been have been VERY pricey! Bread for $5-6 US a loaf and eggs for $6 a dozen! Not good for a big family! Even local fruit isn't as cheap as we would have thought and we're just getting the bare minimums until we get to cheaper shopping, hopefully St. Marten.

Our plan for now is to head up through the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and then through the Bahamas over the next 3-4 months. It is still a lot of water to cover, some 1,800 miles, but if we break it down to bite sized chunks, I think we'll make it!

We'll try to sneak some photos of Eric Clapton's house, just over the hill, and get some pics posted. :) 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Can' imagine your grocery bill there. Things aren't quite that high here, LOL. Sounds like you guys are seeing some sights. We are just patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for pics. Have fun! Love ya The Kirbys

Anonymous said...

You guys are still the most amazing people I've ever met....I use to get books off of the book mobile written by people with adventures like you. I dreamed of being able to take my own adventures one day and still do....but until then I'll live then through the Hems....blessings on your continued travels.

The Koziura Family - "Begonia" said...

Hi guys! Good to read about you, we miss you!!! We are in Grenada, leaving Wednesday to Trinidad to pick up propellers. We will start heading north in ten days more o less, slow down!!!!
The Begonias.

Jjohn said...

Since you didn't get to England or France, you are seeing them in Island form...awesome!!! Still praying for safety and health.Love you.... Mom & Pops

Anonymous said...

Another chapter. love it.. love you. Nana