Friday, December 30, 2011

Cape Verde Islands

After the first day of adjusting, 'picking up the pieces' and cleaning, we moved into the marina, which is a simple marina, but very expensive. For our boat, it is almost 30 Euros, more than we've paid for any marina in a long, long time. We went in for one night, so we can get the broken shroud repaired, and we weren't sure what it was going to cost.

The staff was great, we took the broken pieces into the shop and they had an estimate right away, 160 Euros, and we were glad to pay it. They had it repaired the next day and so we only ended up one night in the marina and moved to another bay next to the marina where it is really calm and protected.

So, this week is us talking ourselves back into us being brave enough for "The Crossing" and tackling a lot of last minitue shopping, filling propane tanks. and loose ends.

A twist is that our main laptop crashed and we have been scouring the town trying to find someone who can repair it. A type of a 'needle in a haystack' mission. We have a joke that as soon as we fix one problem on our boat another one pops up, and so fixing things sometimes is a risk as we're not sure what will break next.

I've mentioned before that cruising is simply boat maintenance in exotic locations and it is absolutely true! This afternoon, Levi and I were admiring the huge mountains surrounding the town as we had to dissasemble our toilet and clean every nook and cranny in the pump from.......stuff. I'm tellin' you, this life is NOT a vacation, it's mostly hard work, but it has been an incredible experience for our family, and we wouldn't trade it for anything!

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larry said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Have a safe and wonderful crossing. You're always in our thoughts and prayers.