Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Road trip

As we mentioned a few blogs ago.......our first adventure was a road trip north to Pisa and Florence with our sailing friends from Imagine, the Adams'

Our first stop was Pisa, and we found a youth hostel which was a lot less expensive than the other options, and it was a clean place, packed with shoe-string, back-packing youths. With our group, we filled two rooms, so didn’t have to share rooms with strangers.
We set out for the tower of Pisa, and had a wander through some really epic, quaint shopping areas on our way.
Coming near the tower, the kids spotted it first and all started shouting how out of place the tower looked. When you come around the corner and first see it, it is truly amazing. You really have to do a triple look, and it’s crazy to see such an old ornate building looking like it’s about fall over!
The whole area is surrounded by grass and loads of people hanging out and relaxing and of course taking millions of pictures of each other ‘holding’ up the tower and messing around.
We took our share of goofy photos and made a pit stop for some scrumptious pizza, and I was glad to find someone who likes pizza as much as I do. Marc, the dad from Imagine could eat it 3 times a day like me, so it there was going to be a LOT of pizzas over the next few days…..fine by me!

We’re working on some photo albums, and will get them uploaded when we get to some free internet…..


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